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The Karman Line is the first set of training games based on a number of proven effective treatment-compensation strategies, which are used in cognitive rehabilitation to improve everyday functioning within different cognitive domains.

By translating these treatment protocols into digital therapeutics, people can train their brains and cognitive functions every day in an attractive and challenging way. In addition to this "everyday" use, the training games can also be used as a supplement to treatment in cognitive rehabilitation. 

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Karman Line is based on the following 5 domains:

• PLAN is a Goal Management Training (GMT) for executive dysfunction. Patients learn a strategy to subdivide a daily task into multiple steps, to improve the execution of complex everyday activities.


• TEMPO is a Time Pressure Management (TPM) training, a compensatory strategy training that allows individuals to recognize and deal with moments of time pressure in everyday situations.

• ENERGY Fatigue is one of the most commonly reported complaints after acquired brain injury. The aim of the treatment is not to restore energy levels to premorbid levels, but to distribute available energy more efficiently throughout the day and teach patients how to cope with existing fatigue.


• MEMORY is a compensatory strategy training for memory deficits that enables individuals to apply it to those situations where they experience problems in everyday life.




The Karman Line is distinctive because it not only focuses on improving specific cognitive functions (such as memory) but on improving functioning in daily life. This "switch" from function recovery to the application of compensation strategies to achieve better everyday functioning was already used years ago in the clinical practice of rehabilitation. Strikingly enough, games often fall short in this area, because they are still focusing too much on improving function (with very poor or unproven effect on daily functioning). 

The development of this "game line" is based on scientifically applied research in (clinical) practice. This means that the usability and effects will be investigated in people with brain injury (as a result of, for example, a stroke or an accident) who have cognitive problems.

Karman Line is a collaboration between Klimmendaal Rehabilitation Specialists, Radboud University, Donders Institute and ABSRD/Yellow Riders.

This project has been made possible in part by a grant from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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