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Karman Line digital therapeutics




The demo gives an overview of different levels of the Plan Game. All the stages of the Goal Management Training (GMT) strategy are included in the game: (1) stop, (2) define the main goal, (3) list the steps, (4) learn them, (5) do them and check whether you are doing what you planned to do. Although each game level follows the same flow, individuals encounter different executively demanding activities, such as planning a route, preparing a meal, building a missile, booking a ticket, or organizing and collecting stuff. Also, some parts of the strategy are practiced in many different ways. For example, individuals have to list the steps by dragging the steps in the right order, by selecting the right steps in a recipe, or by making their own steps based on traffic rules. In summary, individuals are able to practice the GMT strategy in various ways during different executively demanding activities.

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